Helmet Sizing

Although wearing a helmet may prevent the likelihood of a serious injury, wearing one that doesn't fit right (or not fastening it correctly) can be just as dangerous as not wearing one in the first place. A helmet that is too small will not sit on your head correctly, exposing the vulnerable areas it is meant to protect, and visa versa, wearing one that is too big poses the risk of it sliding off of your head during a fall.

So just how should your helmet fit? When the helmet is worn any padding should rest comfortably against your head and shouldn't cause any tension on the temples. It should not be able to slide side to side or front to back. The chin strap should also fit comfortably around your neck and not be too tight, allowing 2 fingers to fit between it.

To figure out the correct size helmet first you'll need to measure the circumference of your head. Starting roughly an inch above your eyebrows, take a tape measure or a piece of string and measure around your head like the image to the right. Using the guide below will give you the correct fitting helmet that you require based on this measurement. If you sit between two sizes we would recommend to go for the larger of the two.

YS (YOUTH SMALL) 47 - 49 18.5 - 19.3
YM (YOUTH MEDIUM) 49 - 51 19.3 - 20
XS (EXTRA SMALL) 52 - 54 20.5 - 21.3
S (SMALL) 54 - 56 21.3 - 22
M (MEDIUM) 56 - 58 22 - 22.8
L (LARGE) 58 - 60 22.8 - 23.6
XL (EXTRA LARGE) 60 - 62 23.6 - 24.4
XXL (EXTRA EXTRA LARGE) 62 - 64 24.4 - 25.2


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