Episode 10 of "The Union Tapes" from Bicycle Union is live now featuring Jess Dyrenforth. Find it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Stitcher and RSS Feed. Click he link below to watch it now!


"We believe the UK needs BMX podcasts so we threw the hat in and interviewed the riders who were actually there. We’ll aim for one a month and see where it takes us? Enjoy."

In this episode:

"Starting out in the early 80’s Jess Dyrenforth became a staple name in mid to late 80s BMX scene. From the first time anyone had seen him featured in BMX Action bike magazine's track in the woods article in 83. He would pop up multiple times in the coming years to the point where he was a regular in BMX Action bike and then RAD magazine. Jess discovered Rom skatepark early into his BMX days and established himself as one of the guys doing some of the biggest airs in the performance bowl around that time. We go into all the era’s on this one, local days in Highgate, London, building a back yard quarter pipe, Rom scene, Action bike/RAD days, getting on Faze 7 BMX. To the years on the then dream GT team, tour with Fiola in 85. Competing in BMX beat, his dislike for conventional contests. The big UKBFA conflict of that era, trying to evolve and grow BMX passed sports hall events. Mons jam deep dive, and what all the fuss was about. The story behind the wrist guards. Building his own backyard halfpipe.
We also talk about touring the USA in a van for a summer at age 17 with the GT team. Demo’s in London's Astoria club at the infamous Delirium nights and a BMX demo opening up for the Beastie Boys first London show. Moving to California in 88, competing in the 2 hip KOV and Meet the street events. Sessions at Wilkerson mythical enchanted ramp and Jamie Mousebergs iconic spine ramp. The Spike Jonze shot on the cover of Go!
Its all in here and much more of it!"

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