A complete restock of the best selling Road Fools, Issues, Mega Tour and Baco Props Box Sets will be on route to us at 4Down this October. It can be agreed by many that these videos have shaped BMX as we know it and if you haven't seen them before or just want to relive some of the golden years we highly advise picking up a copy from your favourite 4Down Dealers asap!

Alongside these Box Sets we will also be receiving a Limited Edition run of Props Road Fools Transfer T-Shirts, as well as all new Road Fools Transfer Hoodies!

We will also be seeing some new colours on the recent popular Road Fools Retro Trucker Hat which features a distressed leather Road Fools Patch! These will be available in Camo, Black Camo, Charcoal/White, and White Camo.

Click any of the images below for more information and contact your favourite shops now to get yours!


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