It's hard to remember what you had for dinner last night sometimes, let alone everything that happened this month, so we thought we'd give you a quick run down of all the cool things that happened here at 4Down throughout September!


Etnies just dropped their latest video project "VISUALS" which features 20 minutes of some of the European Team absolutely killing it. Opening and closing sections from Pro's Jordan Godwin and Miki Fleck, the Flow Team did not disappoint, with riders like Marius Dietsche laying down hammer after hammer! But don't take our word for it, click the link below to watch it for yourself. 


And talking of Jordan and Etnies, we had a shipment of his brand new Signature Marana Slip XLT Shoes in as well as Devon Smilies Signature Windrow Vulc Shoes. These are available now from all your favourite 4Down Dealers, check them out below and click the images for more information. 


Etnies Marana Slip XLT Jordan Godwin Black/Blue/White


Etnies Windrow Vulc Devon Smilie Black/Black/White


We also had a shipment from S&M and FITBIKECO of all their finest goods, including the much anticipated all new FITBIKECO Mixtape V3 Frames and Shortcut V2 Frames. We saw the arrival of the S&M Credence Pool Decks and a load of new and reissued seats from both brands, including some classics like the S&M Directors Pivotal Seat and FITBIKECO Lo-Bolt Pivotal Seats. Click the images below to see these in more detail and check out the full range on the site.

S&M Credence Pool Deck

FIT Mixtape V3 Frame Matte Black

FIT Shortcut V2 Frame Matte Black

S&M Directors Pivotal Seat Microfiber Black

FIT Lo Bolt Pivotal Seat Kevlar Black


Bicycle Union also blessed us with the latest issue of their Zine and a new episode of the Union Tapes! Find links to both below!


"Bicycle Union Zine Issue 3 as ever just like the previous limited quantities on Issue 3 however we ain't far in numbers behind the self claimed real media. In this issue we get in deep and distant about going opposite and find out where it originated why it disappeared for many years and who made it return. Memoirs of winter How a rock star stole some ones art and made it his. We salute the first heavy metal BMX pro. Debate 80s style and what it really is? Ask a BMX vagabond about living in a van in and around London. The importance of BMX videos. Who exactly won the Olympic debate now that its all said n done…and why do they have to wear gym ts to ride BMX? Knees Knees n where they should be? As well as some other pointless musings….52 Pages of black n white analog n ye shall find."



"Scott Malyon was one of the big break out names from UK BMX in the late 90s early 2000s. Whenever he rode an event he was always a name that stood out, huge transfers, higher airs than the whole group and usually the furthest gaps. Scott bounced around a couple of sponsors early on, and ended up riding for the super influential T-1 team, with Joe Rich And Taj Mihilech. And in time had his own signature T-1 barcode frame. We find out where it started, the journey up, what motivated him to go to such levels, breaking bike parts, early riding spots, the sponsors on the way, riding influences, the UK scene, The sometimes dangerous Union trips to Europe. Scoring multiple magazine covers. The infamous Props issue 50 Union trip. Getting invited on Road fools trips across the USA. Contest philosophy, the people he rode with and everything else involved in his 30 plus year journey in BMX."


And for all those of you out there that are like us and love to listen to the songs from all your favourite BMX videos, click the image below to check out our Spotify page where we will be uploading the soundtracks to all the classics and even the new videos so you can just sit back and enjoy. And if you have any requests for video soundtracks hit us up on our socials and let us know and we'll get them made as quickly as we can. 

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