We are pleased to welcome Alive Industry to the 4Down Distribution line up!


Alive Industry was founded in Japan back in January 2012 by three riders, Rehito Murata, Yugo Ito, and Daisuke Maja, and to this day all three are still pushing the BMX scene of Japan to new levels and constantly growing it. The boss, Rehito Murata makes the CNC products and also designs the frame, bars and forks etc. Daisuke Maja is the all rounder rider on the team and works at the local skatepark, teaching and keeping the next generations hyped on bmx. Yugo is a legendary street rider in Japan and knows everything there is to know about BMX products. Alive is the definition of Rider Owned Rider Run and fits perfectly within the brands we carry and we look forward to working with them going forward!


We have some parts on the way including the Benny L Signature LPL Frame and Grad Type Frame, as well as their TG2000 and Survive Bars, and Brave Forks. See some images of all of these below with specs.


Hit up your favourite 4Down Dealers now to get more information and keep an eye on the site and our socials for when our first delivery arrives!


For now check out their most recent video featuring Rehito Murata, Daisuke Maja, Pegy, Daisuke Shiraishi, Ryutaro Higa and newcomers Masakazu Yanaka, Yoshihiro Higa and Uta Nakazato, link below!
Alive LPL Ben Lewis Signature Frame
Full 4139 CRMO Heat Treated Tubing
Top Tubes: 20.75”, 21”
Chain Stay: 12.4”
B.B. Height: 11.7”
Head Angle: 76°
Stand Over: 8.75”
Head Tube Length: 117mm
Integrated Seat Clamp
2.4” Tyre Clearance
Removable Brake Mounts (come with out removable brake hardware) or Brakeless
Colour: ED Black, Matte Bloody Red
Alive Grad Type Frame
Top tube: 21”(type1), 20.8"(type3)
Chain Stay: 13.6”-13.85"
B.B.Height: 11.625”
Head Angle: 74.5°
Stand Over: 9.25”
Head Tube Length: 117mm
2.35” Tyre Clearance
Welded Brake Mounts or Brakeless
Colour: ED Black, Concrete, Matte Green
Alive TG2000 BARS
Wide: 27”
Rise: 8.5”
UP Sweap : 5°
Back Sweep: 12°
Clamp: 22.2mm
Weight: 909g
Colour: ED Black
Alive Survive Bar
Rise: 8.7”
Up sweep: 2°
Back sweep: 11°
Wide: 28.5”
Weight: 790g
Colour: ED Black
Alive Brave Fork
CR-MO All Heat Treatment
Top bolt: A6061-T6 M24 x P1.5
Steer tube length: 165mm
Off set: 28mm
Drop outs: 5mm thickness
Weight: 935g
Colour: ED Black, CP

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