Did you catch the latest episode of the Union Tapes? Episode 17 is live now featuring Jason Ellis.
Click the link below to watch it now!

In this episode:

"In the mid to late 80s in the UK the small town of Retford near Sheffield was one the main hubs of BMX riding in the UK. It got known as the Trumpton scene. And featured a long side London's Meanwhile and Chingford as the new hot spots of that era. Jason Ellis was one of the main stays of that scene along with many other infamous names that come up in this talk. We get into the start, his beginnings in BMX, meeting the Hudson brothers in school, local riding crews. Getting to ride the Hudsons legendary Trumpton half pipe and its many incarnations and how that scene was built. We get in depth on some of the other key crew members and creators Sid, Dave Slade, Shaun Allison and the Hudson brothers. We get into contest drama’s, meeting new crews, Action bike/RAD photo shoots, Meeting TLB and Nick Phillip, Holeshot contests, getting on GT, Crawley and Chingford jams, Inventing tricks and new ways of progressing riding. We follow the tale right up to Jason going to the circus with Mike Canning and up to present day to find out he has been riding pretty much the whole way through…this is a fun episode, hope you enjoy it as much as I did."

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