October Roundup

October Roundup

Cover image Will North, by Jay Tilney

It's hard to remember what you had for dinner last night sometimes, let alone everything that happened this month, so we thought we'd give you a quick run down of all the cool things that happened here at 4Down throughout October!

FITBIKECO dropped a new video over on their YouTube Channel featuring Mikey Andrews and S&M's Mike Stahl, filmed in Philly hitting a bunch of classic spots with there fresh take on riding! Filmed by Sam Downs, hit the link above to check it out!


October saw the finals for this years Backyard Jam series and throughout them all there was one rider that consistently dominated each stop, placing on the podium several times and just being a general all round top guy, and that was Harry Mills-Wakley, who bagged himself the Backyard Jam 2022 British Cycling BMX Street National Series Overall Champion spot (that's a mouthful and a half), and it couldn't have been more deserved! 

We did also just want to give a shout out to all the crew for showing up to each stop and showing what BMX is about, you guys rock!


We were proud to announce a new brand in to the 4Down family as we become the UK Distributor for Alive Industry.

Alive Industry was founded in Japan back in January 2012 by three riders, Rehito Murata, Yugo Ito, and Daisuke Maja, and to this day all three are still pushing the BMX scene of Japan to new levels and constantly growing it. The boss, Rehito Murata makes the CNC products and also designs the frame, bars and forks etc. Daisuke Maja is the all rounder rider on the team and works at the local skatepark, teaching and keeping the next generations hyped on BMX. Yugo is a legendary street rider in Japan and knows everything there is to know about BMX products. Alive is the definition of Rider Owned Rider Run and fits perfectly within the brands we carry and we look forward to working with them going forward!

We have some parts on the way including the Benny L Signature LPL Frame and Grad Type Frame, as well as their TG2000 and Survive Bars, and Brave Forks, click here to see the full range!

We had a fresh shipment of the finest parts and accessories from Animal Bikes in too, including a re-up on classics like the 4Am and Foursome 4PC Bars, as well as the all new 2PC Liberty Bars. This delivery also saw the return of the popular Animal Street Forks in both 15mm and 26mm offset options. 

Click here to see the full range!


"Back in the 80s I bought a magazine called BMX Action bike, the first issue I bought had a pic of a guy in race gear and full face helmet dropping into a concrete bowl. It was shot at night and they had a bunch of additional coloured lights behind him. The feature was called 'Dark side of the bowl’, within the pages was a feature on Craig Campbell, blasting around Rom skatepark, it was a feature that burned in my memory for life. From that point on, Craig Campbell popped up in nearly every magazine I bought in the 80s. He won almost every major event there was in 1984. And was the epitome of a factory BMX pro. This interview changed how I perceived many sponsored riders from the 80s and made me question my standpoint on so many things me and and my friends were judgemental of. Craig did it all in the decade he was actively in BMX, first he raced, then got into freestyle in a big way, won contests, multiple sponsors, factory teams, signature products, TV appearances, trips to the USA to compete at the legendary King of the Skateparks at pipeline in CA, breaking away from the corporate sponsors to rediscover his passion for riding, inovating new tricks and pioneering street riding with other like minded individuals then moving to California to to get fully immersed in all of the above. Get the in-depth story on it all by checking this interview….and I still could have asked more!"

And lastly we have added some more playlists to our Spotify page, including one of our favourites, the soundtrack for our 4Down Summer of Madness video!

Click the image above to check it out, we will be updating this page regularly with soundtracks to the classics and even new videos, and if you have any requests for video soundtracks hit us up on our socials and let us know and we'll get them made as quickly as we can. 

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