James Nutter in his natural habitat. Photo by Rick Crossman

It's hard to remember what you had for dinner last night sometimes, let alone everything that happened this month, so we thought we'd give you a quick run down of all the cool things that happened here at 4Down throughout November!

This month saw the delivery of the all new FITBIKECO Mixtape V3 Frames in Emerson Morgan & Nico Badet Colourways. The Mixtape V3 Frame features an investment cast chainstay yoke for maximum tyre clearance and investment cast dropouts with chain tensioners. It also features a cast seat clamp and stamped gussets.

These frame got a fresh lick of paint and all new graphics, Emerson's frame comes in a Navy Blue with Graphics by Kieran Love that feature a couple of classic Bristol spots, whilst Nico's frame comes in Tan with graphics by Eben Fischer.

Click the images below to check them out in more detail.


We also took a shipment of some fresh S&M parts and accessories, including new sizes and models of frames, Signature Halahan colourway frames, bars and forks, and even instant classic T-Shirt designs and backpack. Click any of the images below to check them out over on our site now, and click here to view everything S&M
S&M Nutter Sig MOD Frame (Nathan Halahan) 21.5" Blue Groove
S&M Credence Bar 8.7" & Credence XL Bar 9.25" Blue Groove and Gun Smoke
S&M 20" Pitchfork Widemouth Gun Smoke - Offset 33mm
S&M Forty Backpack Black
S&M ATF XL Frame Beach Tan
S&M ATF XL Frame Trans Black
S&M Classic Shield T-Shirt Black

November was a big month for videos, from Etnies VISUALS RAW Sections, to S&M's ColoRADical Vacation, to each section from Animal Bikes WIDDIT DVD there were a lot to keep on top of so we've listed a few of our favourites below.



"Eric Steel is a name that started getting known in the quieter times of BMX, although one of the original Rom BMX locals. The media didnt give him full credit until around 85 onward. Eric was one of the names you'd hear about at Rom back in the mid 80s. The names 'Eric and Marco' were often mentioned in the same sentence back then. Eric was elevated to pro level status when BMX Action bike run a sequence of him doing the first 540 air people had seen in print. ? The 540 in the pic he is about 5 feet out. Suddenly 540s were not only a thing but any restrictive barriers that had been placed on them psychologically had been removed. From that pic, he would become a regular in the magazines, Also becoming infamous for the hand plant-both of which he tells us the story of with in. In this interview we cover all the usuals as well as a ton of stuff, you wouldnt know about unless you were in that circle. We delve into the beginnings of the Harlow scene, Rom skatepark, getting on Faze 7, Hole shot contests, getting on Kuwhara for 48 hours, King of the skateparks 84 and 85, being on standby for BMX beat, becoming local at Jess Dyrenforth's ramp, the legendary Mons ramp jam, Chingford halfpipe, printing legendary BMX co t shirts, BFA circuit, riding for Skyway. The Tizer world tour, moving up north and re establishing himself into a different scene. Eric was one of the most progressive riders to come out of the 80's and i believe has been very under appreciated. This is good look into how he thought about BMX and where he was taking it."

And lastly don't forget to check out our playlists over on our Spotify page! Click the image below to head over there now, we will be updating this page regularly with soundtracks to the classics and even new videos, and if you have any requests for video soundtracks hit us up on our socials and let us know and we'll get them made as quickly as we can. 





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